Fresh pics

Here are some recent images we thought we’d share with you.

“89 in WEG Studios putting it down with AKON!”

“89” hanging in the WEG Compound Studios with UpFront Megatainment CEO DeVyne Stephens

…after show Downtown Orlando

GMSM single available now on iTunes!

Ladys & Gentlemen, our single GMSM is NOW available on line! Find it on the iTunes store. Help spread the word tell your friend, that knows a friend, who knows a friend, that knows more people! The year is starting off great for us and it aint about to stop. This our year to shine! 89 baby! Thank you for your support and help, and if you wanna see our video to GMSM watch it here. Please make sure to follow us on twitter at Subscribe to our youtube at and like our fan page at Thank you again, and just know every follower, every subscriber, & every fan page like counts. It can make a difference! God Bless!

Video Premier GMSM

We got a special treat for you, it’s our debut video for our single G.M.S.M (Give Me Some More). Check it out down bellow and be sure to hit us up on twitter to tell us what you think.

New website changes

As you can all see we are launching, keep checking back to get all the latest  news, events and exclusive media you will only find here.

Behind the scenes of our new music video

We got some behind the scenes footage to share with you from our new music video. We had a grueling two days of shooting in Tampa and Orlando. A shout out to @justin_petrone. Be sure to check back for our world premier of our video for our new single G.M.S.M (Give.Me.Some.More)